Young Poet Laureate 2020 Winning Poems

An identity for someone who’s forgotten theirs by Josh Dyer

Her face is an ancient tapestry
Bleached by suns now dead and old
Her mind like a pond held stagnancy
Now that time had taken a hold
Her name to her was meaningless
Though it was spoken in motherly tone
Of course by she was motherless
Of course by now she’s alone
Not alone in a sense of person for
She was packed in with them like mosaic
To sit and watch flowers forever more
Whilst the new ones became the archaic
It’s funny to say she was young once
That once there was youth in her heart
She made every decision with impatience
She cried ‘Romeo,Romeo,Wherefore art?’
Of course those days are gone now
Like that stars that once touched her face
But sometimes on a quiet summer sundown
The seams of time begin to unlace
As she smiles with that ageless rhapsody
I heard tales she should know to have told
I try to maintain her life like a tapestry
Now that time has taken a hold