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Young Poet Laureate 2020 Winning Poems

An Ocean of Reflection by Amber McAndrew

A long stretch of pebbled sand under a stormy sky
With choppy waves that never rest and a whole other world,
Strange creatures and the whisper of a thousand voices in a shell
And thoughts that run free and wild in the sand.

If I were to wander like the gently blowing wind
Along the shoreline that’s wiped each day
And observe the life that blossoms and thrives.
If I watched the children pick up the bones of dead things
And build with the sand, castles and spires against the soulless sky.
Perhaps I would find, what I have come to see
These places of havoc are a reflection of my mind.

Crashing waves and rolling thunder
The oceans anger obliterating emotion.
Calm, quiet gently splashing,
But likely to pull you down at any time - grasping you into its depths.
Freedom is nigh in the sound of the waves
The glimmering foam like a sparkling jewel of thought.
This is my mind.

I am like those waves that beat mercilessly on a fragile shore
And those smooth ancient rocks that have been shaped.
Like the entity that harvest strange ways of life
I have worshipped as those creatures must do to the emotionless ocean.
And the sand being used in any and every way
I too have been a tool for others in life.
And as for the sound of the waves slapping onto the rocks
- The less said about that the best.

I am alone and free.
Conflicting and dangerous.
I am this place.

By Amber McAndrew