Young Poet Laureate 2018 Winning Poems

Nato by CJ

Bravo was always sceptical, never one to be theoretical, 

Yet really down to earth.

He took Polaroid's, loved art class and 

Liked to draw his backdoor bypass,

But only before all the cars would crash.


You see, Alpha would come home drunk at six 

Marking up the apartment bricks

With all that day's pent up anger 

Only Bravo's face could fix.


And at night Bravo's features became phonetic spectaculars,

Local boxing ring regulars

And his bruises looked not quite but nearly perpendicular 

To a charming crooked smile 


That was never crooked before.


Bravo felt like he deserved it though,

Well Alpha obviously didn't think he was perfect so,

Curving throws,

He blamed it on himself for simply being NATO.


But even then,

When Alpha would lie and say 'I love you'

Bravo would reciprocate,

An unwilling mistake,

He found that missing consonant when it was that little bit too late.


See, that 'Delta' on the end of love actually did matter

And in the face of life and death Bravo would most probably choose the latter,

But when Delta landed face first on his doorstep,

They shared quiet chatter,

And while Alpha lay hung over in bed,

Bravo fell in love again.


Leaving Alpha was harder than he'd thought before,

But what he had with Delta was too good to not be fought for,

So while Alpha was babysat by the Magistrate’s Court of Law,

Delta helped Bravo forget all the screaming, swears and knife draws.


And after a while Bravo no longer covered his face when they argued,

He could come home when he wanted, he no longer had a curfew,

And maybe it was the fact that he didn't have to give Delta his phone when he was told to,

That he was totally and utterly whipped for the smell of the new boy’s perfume.


Or the way Delta wasn't lying when he said it was going to be okay,

Or the way they both had crooked smiles, 

That were crooked opposite ways.