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Our tendering process

The tendering procedures

The contract value determines the type of procedure used:

Contract Value Procedure
£0 to £5,000 At least one quote
£5,000 to £25,000 At least three quotes
£25,000 - £181,302 (EU Threshold for Goods and Services) At least four tenders
£25,000 - £4,551,413 (EU Threshold for Works) At least four tenders
Above the EU Threshold(s) EU tendering procedure

All proceeding stages are dealt with through In-Tend; when signed up to In-Tend you will be provided with a comprehensive step-by-step user guide. The tendering process varies depending on the contract but In-Tend will be clear in regards to the specific process.

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Key documentation

Download Doing business with the Council presentation

Download Standard Terms and Conditions for the Supply of Goods and Services to us

Download Children and Young People and Adult Safeguarding Checklist

View the Council's Constitution (opens in a new window), Appendix 8 - Contract Standing Orders, which provides a structure within which purchasing decisions are made and implemented. This ensures that we achieve and further our corporate objectives, use our resources efficiently and purchase quality goods, services and works.

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Key terms

Quotes are requests from us (the local authority) to you (the provider) for a quoted price for any given works, services or goods usually at low values.

A tender is a formal invitation to trade under the offered terms.