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CON29 Highway search – Local Authority Search

A local authority search and a local land charge search are two different names for the same thing. They are a two-part search carried out when property or land is valued, purchased or leased.

A highway search is offered to personal search companies and private individuals.

Should you require highways information relating to a particular property or piece of land, we operate a fast and efficient personal search service delivered by a team of officers trained to interpret highways records and keep in constant contact with those responsible for instigating proposals to the highway network within Worcestershire.

A CON29 Highway search costs £42.84 with the optional question 4b costing £13.24 (including VAT) if required. You will be asked to identify the property or land in question, highlighted on a plan which will need to be uploaded and submitted with your application. Payment is taken at the point of order via credit or debit card.

We will aim to return searches within 10 working days, but please be aware that this may take longer and no responsibility with regards to the purchase of a property will be taken by Worcestershire County Council.

To apply for a CON29 Highway search please click the link below and follow the online application process:

Apply for a CON29 Highway Search