Business Energy Efficiency Programme

What is on offer?

We are offering free energy efficiency assessments which could lead to grants for businesses who wish to use their energy more efficiently, reducing costs and improving environmental credentials.

Step 1

We assess your equipment, premises, processes and performance to find opportunities for improvements in energy usage.

Step 2

You can then apply for a grant for projects worth up to £50,000. The grant intervention rate is 40%, For example, if your project costs £10,000, your contribution is £6,000 and we provide £4,000.

The grant can fund:

  • lighting which includes movement / light sensors
  • variable speed drives & compressors
  • energy efficient equipment that leads to process improvements
  • systems offering better use of heat or waste heat
  • energy efficient refrigeration equipment
  • renewable technologies (where FIT's and RHI's are not claimed)
  • energy storage
  • fast shutting doors
  • heating (including boilers), insulation and double/triple glazing
  • waste reduction and recycle
  • water recovery
  • heat recovery
  • please discuss other technologies with us to see if they are eligible

Step 3

If your grant application is successful, we will require you to sign an agreement detailing the grant conditions. Once signed and returned, you can carry out the approved activities.

Step 4

We will monitor your project to ensure compliance with the conditions of the grant and follow up with energy monitoring to record efficiency improvements.