Case Studies

Cotswold Orchards - Apple Grading Machine

Cotswold Orchards, a family run business near Broadway, has been able to invest in its future thanks to a LEADER grant.  The business which grows and markets dessert apples to a major retailer, was able to buy a new, high-tech piece of kit which has made a real impact on product processing.

Nicholas Dunsby with his new apple grading machine

Nicholas Dunsby with his new apple grading machine

When the owner, Nicholas Dunsby, heard about LEADER funding he saw an opportunity for his business.  He applied for funding to upgrade the 27 year old apple grading machine with a brand new innovative kit that would double the accuracy and grading capacity for the business.

Nicholas said: "The investment in our new grading machine has made a significant impact on the efficiency of our production process, the accuracy and flexibility of the new grader has led to a major step forward in the consistency of our product."

"Our success in grant funding has been possible with the professional help and support by the LEADER team in Worcester who made the whole process much easier and simpler to follow."

The business received £35,000 in grant for the new machine, which sorts apples optically, by diameter and colour as well as weight and enables careful monitoring of all fruit that passes through the machine.  As a result of this investment 1 full time and 2 seasonal roles have been created. Three other local growers have benefitted from this investment as Dunsbys also sorts their fruit using the new kit.

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