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Roles and Responsibilities

Co-ordinating Flood Risk Management

The various organisations which play a role in flood risk management (the Risk Management Authorities) are co-ordinated through a number of regional and local interlinked partnership groups.

Regional Flood & Coastal Committee

As Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), Worcestershire County Council has a place on the English Severn & Wye Regional Flood & Coastal Committee (RFCC). The RFCC, which is also attended by the other LLFAs in the Severn and Wye catchment along with the Environment Agency (EA) and some specialist expert advisors, has a strategic overview of FRM activity in the region and a key role in the allocation of local and central government funding.

Worcestershire Flood Risk Management Strategic Co-ordinating Group

The Worcestershire FRM Strategic Co-ordinating Group brings together all of the Risk Management Authorities, including the district councils, in order to ensure an effective overview of FRM activities in the County.

Worcestershire Land Drainage Group

Representatives for each of the RMAs attend this Group in order to ensure that tactical and operational flood risk management activities are properly and thoroughly co-ordinated.

Other Groups

A number of other partnership groups (PDF 11 KB) also consider and contribute to the management of flood risk include the Worcestershire Severe Weather Group, The Local Nature Partnership and the Worcestershire Green Infrastructure.

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