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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Flooding advice

We understand that people affected by flooding may be feeling apprehensive about how the COVID-19 pandemic could impact on decisions about what to do.

Here are some hints and tips that may help:

  • if your home is at risk of flooding you will be told; listen to the networks to keep in touch with what is going on

  • if you need to, you can go to a relatives or a friends, as long as you don’t have any symptoms or have tested positive and the home you are going to has no-one with symptoms or tested positive; we advise that your household bubble stays together where possible

  • you can travel to your property or business premises to shore it up and to do any clean up needed once flood water has receded; make sure you follow guidelines during clean up which can be found here: Floods: how to clean up your home safely (GOV.UK website, opens in a new window) 

  • be careful don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk and follow COVID-19 guidelines where possible

  • if you have nowhere to go, the District council is there to support you – key information and contacts (PDF)

  • if you are extremely clinically vulnerable there will be a hotel for you to go to

  • if you have tested positive a separate hotel will be arranged for you