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Flood Investigations

Hollywood flooding event 2018

Timeline of events that took place during 2018 to 2019

9 July 2019

Bovis Homes have agreed to replace the grid at Sycamore Drive to help reduce the frequency of blockages – the work should be completed within the next few weeks.  

3 May 2019

Two water level monitors have recently been installed in the Wythall area; these are designed to constantly monitor the level of water at specified locations in the brooks, and when water rises to certain levels an alarm is triggered which will be sent to the District and County Council Officers.

The NWWM team are in the process of calibrating the alarm levels, but as soon as this is complete residents will be able to sign up to receive the alarm(s) most relevant to their address.

If you wish to be signed up to the alert emails, please email stating your name and address.

11 March 2019

Property Flood Resilience (PFR) offers home and business owners practical and cost effective ways to help minimise flood risk through the use of affordable bespoke products.

For general guidance on making your property or business flood resilient please visit Flooding and your property

Check out the National Flood Forum website (opens in a new window) for information on Flood Protection and Resilience and preparing for flooding.

Examples of Property Flood Resilience:

  • Air bricks
    Air brick covers and anti-flood air bricks aim to reduce the risk of water entering a property through air bricks. These can work automatically and seal when flood water rises or need to be manually fitted when a flood is expected.
  • Synthetic Sandbags
    These act in the same way as conventional sandbags, but are much more light-weight when dry and take up much less storage space.  They are “activated” with water, and the synthetic filling absorbs this to form an impermeable barrier.
  • Flood Barriers / Doors
    Flood Barriers can be fitted to doors (including garage doors) to prevent the ingress of water.  There are various flood barrier manufacturers and each one is slightly different so it is recommended that you shop around rather than picking the first one you see.  Flood doors are also available from some manufactures; these look like regular uPVC doors but form a water tight seal when locked.

For more information on  Property Flood Resilience, including where to purchase these items, please visit the NFF's blue pages (opens in a new window) which is a directory of property flood products and services put together to advise and inform you of what’s available to help reduce the risk of flooding to your home or business.

8 February 2019

Another information drop-in session for residents affected by last year's floods in Hollywood is being held on Wednesday 6 March at Hollywood Golf Club between 3pm and 6pm.

Residents are welcome to drop-in to find out how the recommendations in the flooding investigation report are being implemented and get advice if they still have any insurance or home repair problems.

21 December 2018

The Hollywood flood event Section 19 investigation report has been completed and can be viewed below along with the latest residents update sheet. There will be some paper copies available in the Woodrush Community Hub.

Download: Hollywood Flood Event May 2018 Investigation Report

Download: Residents Update December 2018

29 November 2018

To date, surveys have been completed of ground level points, mainly focusing upon road gullies, culverts and other drainage features close to roads or public spaces. The next phase of the investigations has now started, with the focus moving to areas on private land where levels have not yet been taken. This data will feed into a basic flow model to identify any vulnerable locations which need further and more detailed analysis. 

Over the next couple of months, North Worcestershire Water Management (NWWM) may need to access your driveway or garden. NWWM will do their best to let you know in advance if they need to access your garden however, this is weather permitting so there are no specific dates or times as to when this will happen. For surveys to be conducted efficiently and in a systematic way, NWWM would be grateful if they can assume permission is granted to take measurements on driveways which adjoin the road. Please note that officers from the NWWM team will always carry identification and you are always welcome to check this.

5 November 2018

We are still investigating locally and the current focus is taking measurements of the streams and culverts to create a basic model which should highlight areas at higher risk of flooding.

The first draft of the flood event Section 19 investigation report has been produced and sent for consultation to all the key Risk Management Authorities and First Responders involved in the flood event. This will be published on our website in due course.

1 October 2018

A new residents update sheet has been uploaded, see link below. A reminder that tomorrow (2 Oct) is the drop-in session at the Hollywood Golf Club. Come and chat with us anytime between 1.00pm and 7.00pm to find out how the investigation is progressing and provide us with any information you think would help.

About Hollywood flooding

On the Sunday 27 May 2018, Hollywood, in the parish of Wythall, South Birmingham experienced a massive, local, unprecedented rain storm. Approximately 2 months worth of rain (130mm) fell in 2 hours (exceeding 2007) which made it impossible for watercourses and drainage / sewer infrastructure to cope with the extra water. 262 properties have been confirmed as flooded internally and 66 flooded externally.

The information on this page is intended to continue to update residents and businesses in the area and will be updated as new information arises.

Hollywood floods

How can residents and businesses help themselves to recover from this? And who can support them?

This update sheet for residents contains information about the impact of the flooding, specific contacts for help and information and plans regarding investigations and ongoing recovery. This update for residents will be regularly changed with new information.

Download: Residents update sheet

Flood forum trailer

The National Flood Forum have been providing advice and support to anyone affected by flooding. To speak to someone who knows what you are experiencing and for information about any aspect of flooding, contact them.

What happened

We are currently gathering data to help inform us of the extent and severity of the flooding. This will also help determine the source of the flood and possible causes.

  • all aspects of the flood event and response to it are being thoroughly investigated by the agencies and local authorities
  • your input to the investigation is extremely welcome and important and it will be sought / encouraged in a number of ways
  • if you are happy for your photographs to be used in publications and digital media, please download the consent form and send photos and the completed consent form to; we will ensure no personal or sensitive information is included in the image (such as registration numbers and house address details)
  • we, as Lead Local Flood Authority, are carrying out a formal investigation under s19 of the Flood & Water Management Act; the summary report will be published
  • the investigation will also begin the process of identifying possible measures which might reduce future flood risk and impact
  • information on the extent of flooding and properties effected is still being gathered; if you haven’t had someone from North Worcestershire Water Management visit and either talk to you or drop a survey through your door, please email advising of your address and if you experienced flooding (including of the garden, a garage / shed, or inside your home), and any details on the source of the flooding

Hollywood flood evidence

Who do I call about what?

Reporting a blocked gully

Please note, gullies generally have a small amount of sitting water in them to trap any bad smells.

Blocked gulley

Reporting a blocked sewer or sewer flooding

Contact Severn Trent Water LTD

Reporting blockages in a watercourse (smalls rivers, streams and ditches)

If you are a "riparian owner" you may be responsible for the maintenance of your watercourse; for details about riparian ownership, see the leaflet on our Roles and responsibilities section.

For general land drainage advice and to report issues with a watercourse

North Worcestershire Water Management

For contact details regarding sand bags, insurance, advice and health and safety issues

Download: Residents update sheet