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Protecting the environmentProtecting the Environment is one of the Council's core priorities as set out in our Corporate Plan Shaping Worcestershire's Future 2017 to 2022.

Worcestershire's environment is one of the county's key assets and we, as a council, are acting to maintain and enhance it for the benefit of all who live, work and visit our wonderful county.

Sustainability Policy

The Council has operated a Sustainability Policy (PDF) for a number of years. Within the policy, and through the Corporate Plan, we promote the principles of sustainable development through:

  • green economy
  • action to tackle climate change
  • protecting and enhancing the natural environment
  • fairness and improving wellbeing

We aim to integrate these across all of our work to improve quality of life for all the County’s diverse communities. We will strive to ensure that the decisions we make are for the long-term benefit of Worcestershire’s communities and take into account the impacts on the local and global environment.

Corporate Environmental Report

Progress on aspects of our Sustainability Policy is reported through an annual Corporate Environmental Report (PDF).

Reducing Worcestershire County Council’s emissions

Reducing the Council’s emissions

In July 2021, Worcestershire County Council declared a climate emergency and acknowledged that climate change is already causing a serious problem for our communities across Worcestershire and society across the world. 

Climate Action Timeline

To find out more about the Council’s activity on addressing climate change over the years, please see our Climate Action Timeline.

Net Zero Carbon

In 2019 the Council agreed to work towards the national target set by Central Government aiming to reduce the Council’s GHG emissions to as near to zero (net zero) as possible by 2050.  The Council’s first Net Zero Carbon Plan (PDF)was approved in 2020 and sets out how the Council aims to reach this target.

Under our Sustainability Policy and climate emergency declaration, we will reduce Greenhouse Gas (CO2e) emissions from Council operations and activities and put actions in place to ensure our buildings and services are resilient to a changing climate, and support businesses and residents in Worcestershire to do the same.

We understand that the County Council has a large part to play in reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG) and since 2009/10 we have reduced GHG emissions by 40%.

Read the Council’s annual Green House Gas report

HM Government proud partners of the Emissions Reduction Pledge 2020

Worcestershire Energy Strategy

The County Council is working with the Worcestershire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to deliver the County's Energy Strategy 2019-2030 to achieve the vision for the future of energy in Worcestershire:

"By 2030, Worcestershire will have a thriving low carbon economy which supports the creation of high value jobs, and stimulates investment and clean growth across the county. We will have high quality energy efficient housing stock and a robust, diverse energy infrastructure, underpinned by low carbon generation which utilises Worcestershire’s unique local resources".

The Council's Sustainability Team also run a number of grant funding programmes. If you are a small or medium sized enterprise (SME) looking to install energy or resource efficiency measures, renewable energy, or looking to diversify into a low carbon technology, we may be able to help you. Please see the Business Energy Efficiency Programme and Low Carbon Opportunities Programme. If you are an SME, parish council, charity, voluntary group and public body in Worcestershire and wish to enhance opportunities for biodiversity on your land, the Natural Networks Programme may be able to support you.

Worcestershire County Council is a proud member of Sustainability West Midlands

Sustainability West Midlands


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