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Waste Management Service Contract


In November 2009 a sorting facility for recyclables, EnviroSort, opened in Norton, near Worcester. EnviroSort, accepts all of the recyclables collected in your recycling collection and is operated on our behalf by Severn Waste Services.

Herefordshire Council, Worcestershire County Council and the District Authorities in Worcestershire have worked together to provide a common and simple system for the collection of dry (e.g. bottles, cans, paper) recyclable materials from households across the two Counties.

The authorities have adopted a system of mixed or ‘commingled’ collections whereby, all recycling can be placed in one container.

The commingled materials are delivered to EnviroSort, where they are separated and then bulked up ready for dispatch to reprocessors prior to being manufactured into goods.

For more information visit the EnviroSort (opens in new window).

A Community Liaison Group exists to communicate information in relation to the facility with the local community.

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