The Croome Collection

The History of the Coventry Family

The Croome collection held at Worcestershire Record Office includes papers from the time of the 1st Baron Coventry of Allesborough, right up to the 9th Earl of Coventry. To make it easier to understand which Earl was seated at Croome throughout which years, here is a chronological table of the Barons and Earls of Coventry, the heads of the Croome estate to which this collection relates.

Thomas 1st Lord Coventry

Thomas Coventry, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England, 1st Baron of Allesborough (1578-1640)

Simply click on the names in the table below to find out more about each Baron and Earl of Coventry.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Title and Date Inherited Title and Date Inherited
Sir Thomas Coventry 1547 12 December 1606

Lord Keeper Thomas Coventry 1578 14 January 1640 1st Baron of Allesborough
10 April 1628

Thomas Coventry 2nd 1606 27th October 1661 2nd Baron of Allesborough 1640
George Coventry 1628 15 December 1680 3rd Baron of Allesborough 1661
John Coventry 2 September 1654 25 July 1685 4th Baron of Allesborough 1680
Thomas Coventry 5th 1629 15 July 1699 5th Baron of Allesborough 1685 Viscount Deerhurst and 1st Earl of Coventry
26 April 1697
Thomas Coventry 6th 1662 20 August 1710 6th Baron of Allesborough 1699 Viscount Deerhurst and 2nd Earl of Coventry 1699
Thomas Coventry 7th c.1702 28 January 1712 7th Baron of Allesborough 1710 Viscount Deerhurst and 3rd Earl of Coventry 1710
Gilbert Coventry
1668 27 October 1719 8th Baron of Alllesborough 1712 4th Earl of Coventry 1712
William Coventry 1678 18 March 1751
5th Earl of Coventry October 1719
George William Coventry 6th 26 April 1722 3 September 1809
6th Earl of Coventry 1751
George William Coventry 7th 28 April 1758 26 March 1831
Viscount Deerhurst and 7th Earl of Coventry 1809
George William Coventry 8th 16 October 1784 15 May 1843
Viscount Deerhurst and 8th Earl of Coventry 1831
George William Coventry 9th 9 May 1838 13 March 1930
Viscount Deerhurst and 9th Earl of Coventry May 1843