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The Archives of the Earls of Coventry

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Coventry Family Coat of Arms

Coventry Family Coat of Arms

An introduction to the Croome Collection

The unique archive of the Earls of Coventry came into public ownership in 2005 as part of the Acceptance in Lieu of Inheritance Tax Scheme, whereby the nation accepts valuable assets to set against tax liabilities. In 2006, after making a case for housing this exceptional collection, Worcestershire Record Office was delighted to be identified as its new permanent home. Worcestershire Record Office felt that it was a suitable home for the collection as a large portion of the Croome estate properties lay within the county of Worcestershire. The collection provides an invaluable insight into the history of the county and is a very important resource for researchers. The collection held at the Record Office covers the estate archives up to the year 1921. Records created after this date remain with the Croome Estate office.

The Croome archive is an internationally significant collection and one that, once catalogued and promoted, will bring prestige to the County of Worcestershire. This impressive archive has been created over hundreds of years by the Coventry family and has been preserved in their estate office at Croome D'Abitot. The archive includes substantial runs of papers relating to the estates of the family, including plans, rentals, deeds and correspondence. It also includes unique records relating to the building, decoration and furnishing of Croome Court, and the creation and development of the parkland surrounding it. This was Lancelot 'Capability' Brown's first complete landscape work, and so is of great significance interest.

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