Worcestershire Tithe and Inclosure Map Project

This project provides on-line access to digitised 18th and 19th century maps in the county, with their attached documentary evidence. Together, these transform flat maps and documents into a powerful searchable research tool.

The capabilities of the system can be only partially demonstrated on-line. The full system, showing tithe and inclosure maps with all the information held on the Historic Environment Record, is available at the offices of the Historic Environment and Archaeology Service. Contact the Historic Environment Record to arrange an appointment to view these maps and records.

New maps are added as they are completed and there is not full coverage of the county yet.

Current Maps

The links below give access to an internet mapping system for viewing modern and historic maps.

  • Tithe Mapping
  • Badsey Mapping. This contains further historical information about the parishes of Badsey and Aldington.
  • Stourport Mapping. This contains research done by Stourport Civic Society as part of Unlocking Stourport's Past which used the tithe maps for information.
  • Hanley Castle Mapping. This contains a series of historical maps digitised as part of a local project.

A broadband connection is recommended in order to speed the downloading of the maps. Worcestershire Libraries provide free access to broadband computers.

Digital photographs of the original maps are available on CD and can be purchased from the Hive.

Your parish not yet digitised?

We rely on external funding to undertake this work.

If you belong to a local history, archaeology or community group then we may be able to assist your organisation to apply for a grant to allow this work to continue as part of a group/community project.

Contact the Historic Environment Manager for details.

Contact Information for Historic Environment Record.

Help Information

A manual describing the features of the tithe website and some information about Geographical Information Systems is available. Guide to the Worcestershire Maps website.

A manual describing the Hanley Castle online GIS is available. Guide to the Hanley Castle Maps website.