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The difference faster Broadband has made in our Community Pathfinder Projects
Here local people who live in our community pathfinder project areas share their experiences as faster Broadband has recently been made available.

Faster connections have been made possible by Worcestershire County Council, through their preferred supplier for the three community pathfinder areas, Airband.

Jean Mills of Little Witley, said "Faster and consistent broadband in Little Witley has made a huge difference. I now have speedy connection, am able to download information quickly and watch uninterrupted films. My family are also delighted when they visit, as much of their business is conducted online and poor connection has been an issue for them. Thanks to Airband these problems have disappeared."

Paul Greenwood, owner of PG Water Services in Crowle, said that faster Broadband had helped his business: "It has enabled me to utilise my home signal mobile phone box, so I can now receive business calls at home. This has meant me being able to dispense with the expense of a second land line."

Adam Doyle, who is employed as a lecturer from Ockeridge, said "The vastly (over 30 times) faster connection has changed my entire working life. I am now able to conduct research and record lectures for students from home and upload them to the University VLE in a matter of minutes rather than days (if it could be done at all). The ability to remain in contact with students when out of office, particularly at this time of year when exam scripts are being marked, has meant that and issues they have were quickly resolved.

"In essence faster internet has allowed me to undertake tasks that potentially have an impact upon a large number of students' futures, both studying and beyond University, far better than before. The investment by Worcestershire County Council has had a personal impact that goes beyond monetary calculation. I am immensely grateful that this facility has been made available and fully support expansion to other rural areas."

David Gwyther of Little Witley, said "I've had faster Broadband since the end of March 2013 and although I'm not doing anything new (apart from using BBC and ITV iPlayer), what I am doing is happening 40 times faster than before. Software updates and music downloads previously 'took forever' and now they happen so quickly. We operate two PCs and a smartphone. Whenever I've done a speed test it has indicated a download speed always in excess of 20mbps for the PCs. The system, supplied by Airband Ltd., has thus far proved to be 100% reliable. The aerial is unobtrusive and the installation was quick, professional and clean and tidy."

"Maureen Guest of Ockeridge, Wichenford, Worcester said: "It has meant that I can access my online services when I want to, not when the broadband permits due to speed problems. I can now use iPlayer and YouTube and Skype and Facetime are improved when I want to speak to my son in Hong Kong."

Jane Whittle, who is self employed as a musician and teacher in Little Witley, said that faster Broadband has helped her business and her family home life. Jane has said: "I can now view videos and listen to audio files from my students across the country. YouTube is now fully accessible. It has also vastly improved connections with colleagues across the world, helping to expand contacts and develop projects well ahead of schedule.

"At home, faster Broadband has enabled my son to access and utilise his school work and project work from home, saving him and the family stress when he forgets to sort things out in person. He can also contact his teachers and submit work online without frequent crashes and 'connectivity issues' which previously blighted our Internet connection."

"I can access online services, safer in the knowledge that freezing and lost connections are a thing of the past. This has made a very big difference to the family in this rural community where no facilities are within walking distance."

Christopher West of Feckenham, said: "I have just updated the maps on my TomTom GPS. Previously this would take over 3 hours, and frequently timed out part way through needing me to restart the whole process with consequent double usage on my down load allowance. Today it completed in 17 minutes. No hassle!"