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Business Continuity in an Emergency

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is about identifying those parts of your organisation that you can’t afford to lose – such as information, stock, premises, staff – and planning how to maintain these, if an emergency occurs. Business continuity management can ensure your organisation can handle an emergency, continue to function and can recover effectively afterwards.

Any emergency, large or small, whether it is natural, accidental or deliberate, can cause major disruption to your organisation. But if you plan now, rather than waiting for it to happen, you will be able to get back to business in the quickest possible time. The Business Continuity Guidance booklet provides more information.

The Cabinet Office Civil Contingencies Secretariat has developed, in partnership with stakeholders, a business continuity toolkit to help the commercial and voluntary sector implement BCM.

The Business Continuity Management Toolkit aims to help you put the theory into practice by guiding you through the steps you will need to take to implement BCM in your organisation. It is a step-by-step guide taking you through the six elements that make up the BCM lifecycle.

Example Templates for Care Establishments