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About Community Safety

Worcestershire County Council has a legal responsibility under Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, which places a statutory duty on named partners to consider the reduction of crime and disorder when exercising their core functions.

The named partners in Worcestershire are the County Council and District Councils (local authorities), West Mercia Police, Probation Services, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Herefordshire & Worcestershire Fire and Rescue Service.

Worcestershire is generally a safe place to live and work and Worcestershire County Council recognises that Community Safety affects all our lives. People need to feel safe in their homes, workplaces and neighbourhoods, and this means developing stronger, confident and more cohesive communities.

The Role of Worcestershire County Council

Within Worcestershire County Council a grouping of services provides commissioning, prevention and recovery, and partnership activity to support Worcestershire County Council's corporate priorities and to the Worcestershire and West Mercia wide Community Safety Partnerships.