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Home Education

Parents are responsible for ensuring their children, who are of compulsory school age, a receiving a, full time education which is suitable to their child's age, aptitude, ability and to any special educational needs they may have. In England, parents can fulfil this duty either by sending their children to school or by electing to home educate them taking personal responsibility for the educational arrangements.

Home education enables parents to provide a learning environment which is individualised to their child's needs and interests without having to follow the National Curriculum; although some parents may choose to do so. The Local Authority can provide you with information, advice and guidance on approaches to home education at parents' requests.

If you plan to enter your child for formal qualifications such as GCSE, it would be sensible to ensure you are following the appropriate programme of study. If you wish to seek information about this please contact the home education team.

You do not need to have formal qualifications, or be a teacher to educate your child at home and you do not need to 'know everything'. Home education provides opportunities for both parents and learners to work to their individual strengths, whilst discovering new interests and talents.

Here are a few of the things to consider when thinking about home education:

  • is your child positive about the suggestion?
  • are you convinced it is the best course of action for your child?
  • do you have the time to devote to your child’s education on a regular basis?
  • do you feel you are able to provide your child with a suitable education?
  • are you able to buy the necessary resources or have access to them?
  • do you have some support available?
  • do you have the space available for a quiet working area?
  • are there are opportunities for physical exercise?
  • are there opportunities for socialising with other children?

Deciding to educate your child at home is a major step that not only involves commitment but also a tremendous investment in time and energy so it is well worth talking to someone who has experience of home education before finally making a decision.

For additional information to assist you with home education please contact the home education team or local home education groups.

Download the Elective Home Education Policy

Download: SENDIASS Elective Home Education Factsheet