Local pinch point fund

Powick to Malvern and Ketch to Kempsey corridors combined bid

Increasing realistic travel choice is critical to enable our economy to diversify and grow. Nationally and at the local level, evidence and experience consistently prove that even small shifts away from single-occupancy car use to walking, cycling and passenger transport can deliver significant improvements to traffic flow and to wider benefits, including reduced ambient air pollution, which in turn helps deliver public health benefits.

Both corridors in this combined bid are very busy transport corridors, and with proposed future developments, travel demand is likely to increase. To offset this, and in order to lock-in the traffic capacity uplift that is being delivered by the Southern Link road Major Scheme, this bid seeks, on the two corridors, to deliver:

  • walking and cycling improvements
  • public transport infrastructure
  • a network of Real Time Information (RTI) traffic monitoring including Intelligent Traffic Light Priority (TLP)*

Capturing corridor-long, smart information will allow traffic flows to be managed more efficiently. By being able to uniquely identify buses, and in turn to identify buses that are running late, this ‘corridor-long’ traffic management will be able to help scheduled bus services meet timetable punctuality and reliability targets; naturally, this will have a knock-on benefit for all traffic on those key corridors.

* This new technology allows every single unique ‘traffic’ movement to be captured (it can distinguish between cars, buses, trucks and vans, and it can pick-out people walking and people cycling), and it can capture this information along whole corridors.

For more information on the bid, please download the South Worcester bid document (opens in a new window).