County Council Elections

Prospective candidates guidance

Nominations will open on Monday 22 March and the list of candidates will be published on Friday 9 April.

The deadline for submitting your nomination for this year’s County Council election is 4pm on Thursday 8 April.

Nomination papers must be submitted by hand and in full, by the deadline. This includes a signed and completed copy of:

  • the nomination form
  • the consent to nomination
  • the home address form

Candidates representing a political party will also need to submit the following by the deadline:

  • a certificate authorising the use of a party name/ registered description on the ballot paper
  • a written request to use one of the party’s emblems on the ballot paper

The forms must be submitted in person, and must be handed in at a pre-arranged appointment with your local district authority.

The nomination papers must be filled in correctly as mistakes may invalidate your nomination.

Please download the following documents:

Nomination Pack (Word document)

Prospective Candidates Guidance (Word document)

Member Induction and Important dates for your diary document (PDF) - This document will be subject to update and alteration, this is the latest version.

All councillors are required to sign acceptance of office following election and this includes a commitment to abide by the Council’s Code of Conduct.

A copy is available here Members' Code of Conduct | Complaints about Conduct of Councillors | Worcestershire County Council so that candidates can read it prior to the election.

Candidates Day 24 February 2021

There was a Candidates and Agents Briefing at 1pm on 24 February 2021.

This event was to provide Prospective Candidates and their Agents with information about the election process, up to and including polling day, the verification and count and post election responsibilities. 

There were contributions by West Mercia Police and the Senior Leadership Team at the County Council.