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Renew your Concessionary Bus Pass

If your Concessionary Bus pass has expired, or is due to expire in the next 3 months, you can renew your pass below.

Please note: if your pass has expired over 12 months ago, or your previous pass was not issued by Worcestershire County Council, you will need to apply for a new bus pass.

Before you start

Depending on your circumstances

You may be asked for the following to complete your renewal application

  • your existing bus pass number
  • evidence of address
  • proof of disability (Disabled bus passes)
  • a photograph of yourself

Details of how to upload, or send us your photograph or evidence, are included during the application.

Renew your Concessionary Bus Pass Online

Once you have completed your application you can expect to receive your new pass within 28 working days (unless we require any further information from you, in which case we will be in touch).

Additional information about Concessionary Bus Passes

If you are unable to submit your photograph or evidence online:

You will need to complete the online application and then please clearly write the online reference number (which you will receive on completion of your online application) on the reverse of all correspondence along with your name and postcode.

Please post to:

Concessionary Travel Customer Services Administration Team
PO Box 895