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Geography of Riverside Settlements

This Geography module explores local archaeological evidence for the arrival of prehistoric communities into the Worcestershire region. It is designed to follow on from lessons which have examined the influence which successive ice ages have had on the physical landscape and, its main theme, is concerned with how river courses and natural resources have shaped human settlement from pre-agricultural times, through to the first farming communities.

Although the lesson plans target the Key Stage 3 study of Rivers and Settlements, the full resource makes it possible for teacher and pupil to explore the module more deeply, either in set project work, or by returning to it for aspects of the GCSE study of Settlements.

Download the Glossary for the Geography of River Settlements

Deserted Medieval Villages

Details of the teaching pack on the Key Stage 3 History Module:

Deserted Medieval Villages - Grafton Flyford (A Case Study)

This whole pack is available as a three PDF documents:

They are also available as a set of three PowerPoint presentations, all of which can be downloaded below. To use accompanying teacher's notes open PowerPoint, right click for edit slides, go to view and select notes page.

WAAS has digital copies of the comprehensive teaching resource 'Return to the Source' for primary schools with local studies for the Romans, Saxons and Tudors. Please contact us for further information. 

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