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Library Projects

Lending an Ear

Lending an Ear is an audio arts project that involves all the libraries in Worcestershire in the creation of audio art works specific to their library, location and ‘story’

The artworks are created by artists in collaboration with each library’s community.

The project is an opportunity to showcase the county’s heritage, culture and unique character to an audience near and far through music, drama, poetry, stories, fiction, songs and non-text audio, which when created will be available to listen to via a permanent webpage as part of The Hive website. The 'audio artworks' will be presented and installed over the forthcoming year and will then form a permanent artistic collection accessible through Worcestershire Libraries and Learning Service and Worcestershire Archives and Archaeology Service.  The intention is that the collection to be available online in perpetuity.

Lending an Ear is funded by a grant of £49,250 from Arts Council England and an additional £1,000 from The Elmley Foundation.

For further information contact Stephen Wilson, County Arts Development Officer