Volunteering and work experience in a Library

Paid Supported Work Placements

Available in many of our larger libraries, these opportunities equip people with new skills, and increase the likelihood of them gaining paid employment.

Work Experience

Work experience is a great way to find out what you’d like to do as a future career, find out about potential apprenticeship or job opportunities and boost your CV.

A variety of placements are available, from a week long to longer term one day per week opportunities.

We are a member of 'The Family Firm' and offer a variety of bespoke Customer Service placements for looked after children and care leavers. 

Contact a library for more details about our opportunities.  


We are looking for volunteers to help out in a range of different roles.

What can volunteers do?

  • Meet and greet library customers
  • Shelving/tidying/unpacking items
  • Support the Reading Ahead Challenge and Summer Reading Challenge
  • Get involved in community interest groups (charities to run library premises)
  • Help run Job Clubs
  • Become IT buddies
  • Become reading champions
  • Run groups – e.g. poetry groups, knitting groups
  • Home deliveries to the elderly / vulnerable
  • Help at a one off event
  • Help with the Summer Reading Challenge 

How to Apply

No one is excluded from volunteering, however, we do need to ask for references and  there is a legal requirement that for some activities with children or vulnerable people volunteers may be screened (DBS check). Contact you local library for further information or complete an application form.

We will contact you after we receive your application to arrange an interview and for you to sign the Volunteer Agreement. Your personal information will remain confidential.

Further information on some of the types of volunteer roles we offer: