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Structure Plan: Archived content

The Worcestershire County Structure Plan 1996-2011 is no longer part of the development plan in Worcestershire, and all Structure Plan policies have now been revoked.

Certain Structure Plan policies were previously 'saved' beyond the Plan's end date of 2011, under the provisions of Schedule 8 to the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004. The direction to save these policies was revoked on 20th May 2013 under Article 3 of the Regional Strategy for the West Midlands (Revocation) Order 2013, meaning that no part of the Plan remains in force.

Inclusion of Structure Plan content on this website is therefore presented for research and information only.

The Worcestershire Structure Plan is a long term planning document covering a time period of 15 years which establishes a strategic policy framework for development and land use planning over a County area. The Structure Plan, together with District Local Plans and the Minerals Local Plan comprise the development plan for Worcestershire.

Certain policies contained in the County Structure Plan and Minerals Local Plan no longer form part of the development plan for Worcestershire following a decision made by The Secretary of State under the provisions of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

Those policies not listed in the Direction (see below) expired on 27th September 2007 and should not be taken into account in the preparation of planning documents or in the determination of planning applications. Further policies were superseded when the Waste Core Strategy was adopted in November 2012. The remaining policies are saved until further notice.

The list of "saved" Structure Plan policies, and the saved Minerals Local Plan policies, and those superseded by the Waste Core Strategy, can be found via the following link.

The Structure Plan

County Structure Plan 1996-2011: Baseline Monitoring Statement at April 2001

The County Structure Plan is monitored in order to assess the effectiveness of the policies in achieving the objectives of the plan.