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Neighbourhood Planning Support

Neighbourhood Planning Support Service

Worcestershire County Council believes that Neighbourhood Plans are powerful tools to ensure the right type of development is delivered in the right place for your community.

Neighbourhood Plans need to be backed by a solid evidence base and policies that are relevant to their locality. Worcestershire County Council's data, information and guidance can help to make Neighbourhood Plans more sustainable by ensuring that biodiversity, the historic environment, and flooding - and the links between them - are identified and taken into account.

To find out more view our Neighbourhood Planning Support Service Plan leaflet.

Our support service covers three areas:


Worcestershire has an extraordinary natural environment which, as well as having value in its own right, is an important green infrastructure asset for local communities. We recognise the role that Neighbourhood Plans can play in defragmenting and restoring our county's biodiversity, and in contributing towards the shared objectives of Worcestershire's Biodiversity Action Plan. While Plans will be in conformity with the Local Development Plan, they also have a unique opportunity to create a more localised protection, restoration and enhancement of local natural environment. Working with the Worcestershire Biological Record Centre can help to prepare robust evidence to assist in the prioritisation of the key biodiversity assets and opportunities within Neighbourhood Plan areas.

Find out more information on the ecology service pages

Historic Environment

The historic environment is part of our everyday lives and gives us a sense of place, well-being and cultural identity. It attracts millions of visitors each year and generates income and jobs.

We all recognise places through their unique combination of characteristic features from local patterns of settlement and building types, to field boundaries and woodland. Understanding the series of changes that have created a place over time, can inspire and guide future changes, including the scale, style, form and location of new development, as well as opportunities presented by the natural and historic environment.

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service provides information and advice to ensure that the historic environment is integrated within green infrastructure and neighbourhood planning. 

Find out more information on the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service web pages.

Flood Risk Management

Worcestershire has a long history of flooding from its big rivers such as the Severn, Avon and Teme, its extensive network of smaller watercourses and ditches and increasingly from surface water. However, Worcestershire County Council and its partners are working hard with residents, landowners and communities to reduce both the likelihood and impact of flooding in the future.

The Flood Risk Management team at Worcestershire County Council is available to work closely with Neighbourhood Plan groups to ensure the consideration of flood risk management, and its integration with other aspects of green infrastructure.

Find out more information on the Flood Risk Management web pages.

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