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Landscape Character Assessment

Landscape Types

Landscape Types are a generic classification for landscape character and may occur anywhere in the country where the same combinations of physical and cultural landscape attributes are found. For example, the Riverside Meadows Landscape Type occurs along the length of the Severn and Teme in Worcestershire but also the Wye and Lugg in Herefordshire; the High Hills and Slopes Landscape Type is seen in the Malvern Hills and also in the Black Mountains on the Welsh border. There are 23 Landscape Types in Worcestershire, including the Urban Landscape Type.

Visit the Landscape Character Assessment mapping portal and a county-wide map of the Worcestershire Landscape Types. You can also interrogate the map to find the Landscape Type profile and landscape and ecological descriptions for each Landscape Description Unit (LDU). Alternatively:

Download PDF versions of the Worcestershire Landscape Type profiles

NB The Urban Landscape Type does not have a Landscape Type description page. The Worcestershire LCA is concerned with the rural landscape of the county only. Please contact us if you have a specific query about landscape character in urban areas.