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Request a Dropped Kerb for private residential access

What is a Vehicular Dropped Kerb?

A Vehicular Dropped Kerb (also known as a Dropped Crossing) is constructed where you want to allow cars access to your property by lowering the kerb on a pavement or footway. You will need approval from Worcestershire County Council (WCC) to do this work as it involves changing part of the public highway under section 184 of the Highways Act for which Worcestershire County Council is responsible.

Ringway Infrastructure Services (RIS) offer a service on behalf of Worcestershire County Council WCC to install Vehicular Dropped Crossings on the public highway. 

Things to consider before applying for a Dropped kerb

The process is as follows:

  1. You familiarise yourself with the rules and standards for Vehicular Dropped Kerbs
  2. Read the FAQs
  3. You measure and assess if your property falls within the rules and standards for Dropped Kerbs
  4. When you have all the information on the checklist, you can submit an online application
  5. The application will be assessed by RIS, usually within 14 days
  6. The application will be approved or rejected by WCC
  7. If rejected, you will receive a full explanation of why this is the case and how to follow up
  8. If approved, RIS will do a further assessment and provide a quote for the work
  9. The work must be paid for up front, to ensure the proper arrangements to drop the kerb can be put in place
  10. Installation of the Dropped Kerb should be within 6 weeks of payment being received. This is subject to available road space and straightforward traffic management. You will be advised of any delay and the reasoning behind it, should it occur

 Overview and cost 

A standard vehicular crossing for domestic use is comprised of 5 kerbs as per the detail to the right. We will also need to reconstruct the area of footway/verge between the kerbs and the boundary of your property. Quotations are based on the prices below:







New construction

(domestic specification)

Per square metre


Diagram 1.
A standard installation of 1.5 metres wide footpath/verge with 5 kerbs would cost approx. £988 plus VAT at current prices.

Please note: These costs relate to the installation of the crossing only. If there is a need to amend or alter additional items, such as utility covers, lamp posts, or street furniture, then these will incur additional costs.
(Prices valid for works completed by 31.03.2023 and are subject to VAT at current rate)

Vehicular Dropped Kerb application form

If you cannot apply online for any reason, email:

(Partially completed applications will be saved for 3 months if the user has created an account)