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Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

DVSA have helpful documents on their website that can assist anyone wishing to find out how to object to a HGV operators licence application, operating centres, the links below will take you to these documents and pages on the website.

Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

The Traffic Commissioner for the West Midlands Traffic Area

Objections against published applications may be made in writing or faxed to 0113 248 8521 by a Chief Officer of Police, a local authority, a planning authority or a prescribed trade union or association within 21 days after publication.

Objections must be made either on the grounds that any of the requirements listed in Section 13 of the Goods Vehicles (Licensing of Operators) Act 1995 are not met and/or that a nominated operating centre will be unsuitable for use as such.

A copy of the Objection must be sent by the objector to the applicant at the same time that it is sent to the Traffic Commissioner. The onus of proof in terms of the grounds on which an Objection is lodged lies with the objector.

Correspondence should be addressed to:

Office of the Traffic Commissioner for the West Midlands Traffic Area
Hillcrest House
386 Harehills Lane

Telephone: 0300 123 9000
Fax: 0113 249 8142
DVSA Website

This Traffic Area Office is open for public business from 9.30am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Important Information

All other post including that for Public Inquiries and the Regional Intelligence Unit should continue to be sent to:

West Midland Traffic Area
George Road, Edgbaston
B15 1PL

Opening times are: 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday, 8.30am to 4.30pm Friday.

General Enquiries and Application related Enquiries telephone: 0300 123 9000.

We have a local enforcement team based near Kidderminster which will be sent once an objection has been made. They will visit the site, gather evidence and make enquiries with any operator alleged to be violating the terms of their operator licence. Their address is below:

Area 8 : Central and South West Midlands Enforcement Team

Kidderminster GVTS
Worcester Road A449
DY11 7RD

Telephone: 01562 68173
Fax: 01562 861292

Applications and Decisions General Notes

Layout and presentation – Within each section (excluding Section 5) entries are listed in alphabetical order. Each entry is prefaced by a reference number, which should always be quoted in any correspondence or enquiry. Any entry in an earlier Applications and Decisions publication is indicated by the bracketed publication number beneath the reference number.

Further notes precede each section, where appropriate.

Accuracy of publication – Details published of applications reflect information provided by applicants. The Traffic Commissioner cannot be held responsible for applications that contain incorrect information.

The VOSA website includes details of all applications listed in this booklet. The website can be visited at

Classification of operator licences

There are three licence categories:

  • A Restricted (R) licence authorises the use of a goods vehicle on public roads in Great Britain for the carriage of the licence holder’s own goods in the course of his trade or business. The licence holder cannot carry goods for other people for hire or reward
  • A Standard National (S/N) licence allows the licence holder to carry both his own goods and goods for other people for hire or reward, on public roads in Great Britain. He can also carry his own goods on journeys abroad
  • A Standard International (S/I) licence allows the licence holder to carry both his own goods and goods for other people for hire or reward. These activities can be undertaken both in Great Britain and on international journeys.