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The Re-Use of Public Sector Information

How do I make a make a request to re-use your information?

Once you have obtained access to the document you would like to re-use (perhaps via a Freedom of Information request or similar), you may apply to re-use it.

In order to help us process your request as swiftly as possible please ensure that your application:

  • Is in writing,
  • States your name and address, including any organisation you represent,
  • Contains full details of the document you would like to re-use and
  • Contains the purposes for which you would like to re-use the document.

We are happy to accept applications by post or email. Please send to:

Corporate Information Governance Team
Worcestershire County Council
County Hall
Spetchley Road
Worcestershire WR5 2NP


Your application will be processed promptly and within 20 working days. By this time you will either receive a final offer permitting re-use together with any conditions of re-use or a refusal letter. If your application is complex or particularly extensive we may require longer to process it, in which case it will be processed within a reasonable time period.