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The Re-Use of Public Sector Information

What information will you allow me to re-use?

Generally, WCC will permit re-use of all of the documents listed on our Publication Scheme (unless otherwise stated).

If you would like to re-use a document which is not listed in our Publication Scheme, you can still apply to us and we will consider your application.

Information which has been produced by WCC and which is already reasonably accessible to you. For example, a policy document which is published on our website*

*subject to our copyright.

There are categories of document which are specifically excluded from the scope of the Regulations. To reflect the Regulations, WCC would not usually permit re-use of information falling within the following categories;

Where the relevant intellectual property rights in the document are owned or controlled by a person or organisation other than WCC. However, if we refuse to allow re-use of a document which falls within this category, we will tell you who does own or control the intellectual property rights (where known to us) so that you can contact them direct. Examples of relevant intellectual property rights are copyright, performance rights and database rights.

Where the document is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, Environmental Information Regulations, Data Protection Act or other legislation dealing with access to information.  An exception to this rule is where section 21 of the Freedom of Information Act or section 25 of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act applies.  These sections cover information which is exempt from disclosure because it is already "reasonably accessible to the applicant". For example, information published on our website or information which we have a statutory duty to disclose to you (other than by way of inspection).

Documents that fall outside the scope of our public task. This covers those situations where we may produce documents that are not directly related to our core responsibilities, such as where they are optional commercial products competing in the open market.

The Regulations do not apply in cases where citizens or companies have to prove a particular interest in the information in order to gain access to it. For example, information which would only be released in response to a subject access request under the Data Protection Act would not be available for re-use, due to this provision.

Finally, the Regulations do not apply to a document unless it has been identified by WCC as being available for re-use.