Hire promotional space in Worcester City Centre

There are a number of prime promotional sites in Worcester City Centre that can be booked for marketing, arts and community use

We encourage activities which are visually attractive, entertaining or informative for a large number of residents and visitors in Worcester City which do not inconvenience other users and businesses in the city centre.

How to make a booking or find out more information

What spaces are available for hire

Images of Angel Place The Guildhall and The South Quay at the Riverside in Worcester City Centre


Angel Place

Angel Place is located at the junction of Broad Street and Angel Street, opposite the Boston Tea Party. It is a busy pedestrianised area in the immediate vicinity of the market area, bus station and Crowngate shopping centre. The circular space can be used flexibly and is widely used by charities, cultural, community and commercial activities. Small vehicles and vans are allowed if they are an integral part of the promotion.

The High Street outside of the Guildhall

The High Street site in front of the Guildhall (between the Guildhall railings and bollards) is dedicated to events of a cultural or artistic nature, for example, dance or choir performances, re-enactments and activities such as the annual Shrove Tuesday pancake race. We also encourage promotions or events that include children's activities. This space does not allow vehicles.

The High Street the North Wall of the Guildhall

The High Street space between the Guildhall Railings and the HMV store and is widely used by charities and political parties. This space does not allow vehicles.

The South Quay by the River Severn

The South Quay, Fountains Area has less footfall and visitor numbers than the other sites so it is generally only used for events that are part of larger citywide events for example festivals or large events including music stands or promotional vehicles.

What are the fees for hiring the space?

Event Type Events being run by a company or trader Events for the community or a charity
For how long? Full Day Half Day  Full Day  Half Day
Angle Place  £250 £165   £100  £70
Outside of the Guildhall Not available for companies or traders Not available for companies or traders  £100  £70
The North wall of the Guildhall  £175  £95  £85  £55
The South Quay  £200  £125  £100 £65

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