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Worcestershire Music Library

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Worcestershire Music Library is operated by The Elgar School of Music in partnership with English Symphony Orchestra and loans music to groups and individuals both within Worcestershire and across the country.

For more information, including how to become a member of the Music Library visit Worcestershire School of Music (opens in a new window)

Address Severn Arts
Suite 11, Malvern Gate
Bromwich Road
St John's
Telephone 01905 28613 extension 5
Opening Times

Tuesday: 2pm to 4pm

Wednesday: 2pm to 4pm

Thursday: 2pm to 4pm


Christmas and New Year opening times

  • Saturday 24 December: close at 1pm (including Libraries Unlocked)
  • Sunday 25 December: closed
  • Monday 26 December: closed (including Libraries Unlocked)
  • Tuesday 27 December: closed (including Libraries Unlocked)
  • Wednesday 28 December: normal opening times. The Hive will be open until 6pm
  • Thursday 29 December: normal opening times. The Hive will be open until 6pm
  • Friday 30 December: normal opening times. The Hive will be open until 6pm
  • Saturday 31 December: close at 5pm. (including Libraries Unlocked) only applies to libraries which are normally open
  • Sunday 1 January: closed 
  • Monday 2 January: closed (including Libraries Unlocked)
  • Tuesday 3 January: normal opening times 

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Worcestershire Music Library Information

The Worcestershire Music Library is now housed at Severn Arts, Suite 11, Malvern Gate, Bromwich Road, St John's, Worcester, WR2 4BN and run by The Elgar School of Music.

It covers a wide range of music from carols to operas and from simple orchestral arrangements for schools to symphonies.

It has one of the largest collections of vocal scores, band, chamber and orchestral music in the country.

Membership is available on request via email.

Email the Music Library to request membership

When you have joined the music library you are able to request music by completing the online Music Borrower Application form which will be emailed to you, or via email.

Email the Music Library to reserve Music Resources

If you do not have access to email you can contact the music library on the telephone number above or call in when they are open.

The usual notice required to borrow a music set is one month. All requests are dealt with on a first come, first served basis, but the more notice you can give us the better.

Worcestershire music library items are listed as 'vocal set' or 'orch set' (orchestral) on the catalogue. If works are not available from the Music Library Collection we may be able to give you details of other sources and possible locations from where you can obtain it.

All groups using music from the County Music Collection for a public performance are asked to mention the source in their programmes.

There is no restriction, within reason, on the number of works, which may be borrowed at any one time.

The normal loan period is three months. Sets can be loaned for longer periods if advance notification is given but additional hire charges will be incurred. Borrowers are requested to return the works complete to ensure future borrowers speedy access to the service; there are overdue charges if items are not returned on time.


Please contact Elgar School of Music (details above) for information about charges.