Strategies and plans

Strategies and plans

See information on various strategies and plans created to improve and maintain services offered throughout the county.

A Boards on a public highway

Advice on signage such as A Boards placed on a road or highway.

Streetscape design guide and specification

Streetscape design guide to aid architects, engineers, planners, developers and designers.

The Local Transport Plan

The Local Transport Plan focuses on attracting and supporting economic investment and growth, by delivering transport infrastructure and services to tackle congestion and improve quality of life.

Worcester transport strategy

The proposed Worcester Transport Strategy has been developed to identify and deal with transport infrastructure investment for the City of Worcester.

Transport demand in the Hagley area

A report on transport in the Hagley Area.

Worcestershire Passenger Transport Strategy

The strategy sets out how we are working with partners and our aims to deliver passenger transport for all our residents.

Worcestershire Rail Investment Strategy

Rail is critical to the ongoing economic development of the county, providing low carbon travel choice, and the potential for enhanced connectivity to high growth economies throughout the country.

Worcestershire Bus Service Improvement Plan

The Strategy focusses on road and rail passenger transport services within Worcestershire, including Home to School, bus, taxi, community transport and other community-based bespoke transport initiatives.

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