Refreshed Issues and Options Consultation

Refreshed Issues and Options Consultation

The Refreshed "Issues and Options" report was the first stage in re-commencing work on the Core Strategy. It brought the earlier work on the Waste Core Strategy up to date and reflected the views of the people of Worcestershire obtained through previous public consultations.

We held a public consultation on the "Refreshed Issues and Options report" from 29th September until 19th December 2008 and received over 2,000 comments from over 100 organisations and individuals. These were used to generate alternative scenarios for how we might proceed.

The Refreshed Issues and Options Report is available via the link below for your information:

A Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report accompanied this stage in the consultation and Sustainability Appraisal of the Refreshed Issues and Options Report was undertaken.

Consultation comments

We summarised the consultation comments received and set out our initial response to them in the Summary of Consultation Responses and Summary Table of Consultation Responses


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