Emerging Preferred Options Consultation

Emerging Preferred Options Consultation

Following the Refreshed Issues and Options consultation we considered in detail the comments made in the Refreshed Issues and Options consultation, visited every known waste management operator in the County (except one who declined) and updated the evidence base and prepared background documents.

This informed our approach in the Emerging Preferred Options report.

Between 16 November 2009 and 4 February 2010 we asked for your views on the Emerging Preferred Options Consultation. This report set out our ideas about planning for waste management facilities in Worcestershire until 2027. We asked whether you thought this report addressed suitable priorities, were the plans were realistic and whether you agree with the strategy's suggestions. 

The Emerging Preferred Options Report and summary are available via the link below for your information:

Consultation comments 

We set out a summary (4 pages)  of the main comments received and full details of all comments and our response to them can be seen in the consultation response document (232 pages).

We received several comments after the consultation deadline and did not have time to include them in the above documents. We have however taken all comments into account and include a brief outline of late comments for information.


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