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A - Z of Resident Services:

Health Professionals

Health professionals play a key role in supporting families and can support children’s speech, language and communication development by working closely with parents.

N.B.: Health professionals include midwives, health visitors, GPs, paediatricians, nursery nurses, school nurses, clinical psychologists, occupational therapists, mental health professionals etc. Any or all of these professionals could be involved with identifying the child's needs and/or supporting the child and his/her family. 

Health Visitors

Health visitors manage and advise on the health needs of children 0-5 years of age. They play an important role in the early identification of children with SLCN.

The 2 ½ Year Check which became statutory in April 2010 covers an element of speech, language and communication, as a delay would generally be difficult to detect at an earlier age unless the child had a special need or disability. The Schedule of Growing Skills (SOGS) is the assessment adopted in Worcestershire which covers speech, language and communication assessment.

To support the identification of children and the decision about when children may need referring to the Speech and Language Therapy Service, it is recommended that Health Visitors (and others who are considering referral to Speech and Language Therapy) use the Guidelines for Referral to Speech and Language Therapy (PDF).

Health visitors are commissioned to undertake:

  • Targeted antenatal contacts - First time mums & those at risk
  • Universal new birth visit (11-14 days)
  • Universal six weeks postnatal assessment and evaluation of need in order to prioritise and deliver intensive programmes of care for the most vulnerable children
  • Targeted 3-4 month contact - First time mums & those at risk
  • Universal 9 month contact
  • Universal 2 ½ year contact
  • New to area contacts
  • Provision of 6 monthly health reviews for LA

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Further Information

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Within the SLCN Pathway :

  • The use of child/children refers to children and young people
  • The use of setting includes childminders, children's centres, nurseries, pre-schools, schools.
  • The use of parents refers to parents and carers.

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