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Local Development Scheme

Local Development Scheme

Minerals and Waste Policy

The County Council is responsible for the preparation of planning policy for minerals and waste development in Worcestershire.

The Local Development Scheme is a public statement setting out the programme for the production of minerals and waste Development Plan Documents by the County Council over the next three years.

All Development Plan Documents prepared by the Council, including the Waste Core Strategy and the Minerals Local Plan, must be prepared in accordance with this timetable.

Current Local Development Scheme (September 2012)

The current Local Development Scheme (September 2012) (PDF 279 KB) came into effect on 27th September 2012.  Earlier versions focused on the preparation of the Waste Core Strategy. The latest Scheme sets out the programme for the production of a new Minerals Local Plan. This will replace the existing policies for minerals development in Worcestershire currently set out in the Hereford and Worcester Minerals Local Plan and Worcestershire Structure Plan.

Previous Local Development Schemes

The Council's first Minerals and Waste Development Scheme became operative on 13th April 2005 and was revised in 2006. This related to the withdrawn Waste Core Strategy.

  • revised Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (PDF 207 KB) was approved by the Secretary of State and became operative from 29th August 2008. This Local Development Scheme set out a timetable for the preparation of the Waste Core Strategy. This Local Development Scheme was replaced by the 2010 revision.
  • The Local Development Scheme (2010) (PDF 207 KB)  was approved by the Council's Cabinet on 16th September 2010. The Local Development Scheme was then forwarded to Government Office for the West Midlands who had 4 weeks to object to it. They made no objections so the Local Development Scheme came into effect on 1st November 2010. The government subsequently removed the requirement for Councils to submit their Local Development Schemes to the Secretary of State. The power to approve them now lies with the Council's Cabinet.
  • The Local Development Scheme (March 2011) (PDF 207 KB)  revised the previous version of the Local Development Scheme to include reference to the proposed consultation on the "First Draft Submission" Stage of the Waste Core Strategy which was not included in the previous Local Development Scheme.
  • The Local Development Scheme (November 2011) (PDF 279 KB) came into effect on 3rd November 2011. It was updated to reflect timetable changes resulting from the additional consultation on the Addendum to the Submission Document. This consultation had not previously been anticipated and had implications for the anticipated submission and examination dates for the Waste Core Strategy.                                                                               
  • The current Local Development Scheme came into effect in September 2012 (see above), setting out a timetable for producing a new Minerals Local Plan.

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