Transport Guidance

Local Transport Plan

This page provides links to guidance which is specifically aimed at developers planning to build in Worcestershire.

Guidance for Transport Assessments and Statements

Worcestershire County Council requires all developers to make use of its Requirements for Transport Assessment and Statements, which can be viewed by clicking on the link below:

Other useful resources for developing Transport Assessments and Statements can be downloaded using the links below:

Guidance for the Production of Travel Plans

Worcestershire County Council has developed guidance to assist developers to produce suitably robust travel plans to enable development to take place. This guidance can be downloaded using the links below:

Guidance for the Use of Transport Models

Worcestershire County Council owns and maintains a range of transport models and information, which it makes available for use by developers to test the impacts of proposed developments on Worcestershire's transport networks.

New developments, such as those proposed as part of adopted and draft core strategies, will generate increased demand for travel on the county's network across all modes of transport.

Accommodating this increased travel demand without impacting on the performance of the Worcestershire economy, environment and quality of life is crucial. In particular, it is vital that increased demand for travel does not lead to increased congestion which will result in higher transport costs, adversely impacting on businesses and transport users (economic performance).

Growth in travel can only be achieved with appropriate investment in transportation infrastructure, services and Smarter Choices measures (delivered through Travel Plans) which must be focussed specifically towards delivering the levels of accessibility and quality of services which:

Worcestershire County Council will require that a development's impacts are modelled where;

Details of each model and the protocols for their use can be downloaded using the links below: