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Frequently Asked Questions

Lengthsman Scheme - Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. So Why do Parish Councils need a Lengthsman?
  2. What are the benefits from the Lengthsman Scheme?
  3. What can your Parish Lengthsman Do?


  1. Q. So Why do Parish Councils need a Lengthsman?
    A. There are inevitably numerous road maintenance issues in a local community which although important to its residents are difficult to factor into a general work programme. By signing up the Lengthsman Scheme, Parish Councils can take ownership of these minor highway maintenance works. 

  2. Q. What are the benefits from the Lengthsman Scheme?

    • Parishes can prioritise local highway maintenance activities.
    • Residents can see their concerns being dealt with effectively.
    • Promotes relations in the local community (landowners/residents/local Councils).
    • Parishes can identify works which need to be managed centrally.
    • Minor issues are dealt with locally, enabling the Highways Authority to focus its resources on more strategic maintenance issues.
    • Recurring minor issues are dealt with more efficiently.
    • The number of minor issues, which in the past were being raised repeatedly have been reduced to a minimum ensuring much better use of engineers time.

  3. What can your Parish Lengthsman do?

    • Clear gully grates.
    • Dig out blocked gullies.
    • Clear verge grips.
    • Clear headwalls.
    • Rod blocked drains if practical.
    • Advise landowners and frontagers when their ditches need cleaning. Notify the Manager when unsuccessful.
    • In especially difficult circumstances clear ditches - only with prior agreement of the Manager
    • Clear dirty signs (except illuminated signs).
    • Remove vegetation obstructing signs.
    • Side out footways to normal width and spread arisings on verge where possible.
    • Negotiate with frontagers for them to cut back overhanging vegetation. Notify the Manager when unsuccessful.
    • Hand gritting of footways and carriageways from Highways approved grit bins.
    • Pulling/cutting of noxious weeds following specific site approval from Manager.

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