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Ensuring the quality of your remote learning

Published: Wednesday, 3rd February 2021

Support and guidance for schools when designing and reviewing their remote education offer

The School Improvement team have developed a resources to support and guide schools with the design and review of their remote education offer.

Download: Ensuring the quality of your remote education offer (PDF document opens in a new window)

It may be helpful for leaders and teachers to think about remote education, as opposed to remote learning. The phrase remote education leads us to consider longer term and wider provision, than individual lessons and learning. During the first lockdown it was necessary for schools to take swift and decisive action in order to provide some level of remote learning for their pupils. That provision now needs to be reviewed and quality assured, so that leaders can be confident that the quality of education they are providing is at effective and that as much learning as possible is still taking place.

The aim of the remote education guidance document is to help schools evaluate the quality of their remote education, using current research, such as the EEF and guidance from a variety of sources, including the DFE and Ofsted.

Within the document there are 5 sections:

  • Methods of provision
  • Pedagogy and Curriculum
  • Inclusion and SEND
  • EYFS and Evaluation
  • Monitoring and Impact

Each section includes considerations, prompts as well as links to support and resource materials. 

We hope this document will support you in being assured that your remote education is as effective as possible. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the School Improvement

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