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Headteacher appraisal process

Published: Monday, 7th September 2020

5 steps of the headteacher appraisal process

An annual appraisal is a key part of continuous year-round staff performance management and development.

Steps of the headteacher appraisal process

  1. set up an appraisal panel and determine the process by which the headteacher’s performance will be assessed
  2. appoint an external adviser (our School Improvement team can provide this service)
  3. pre-meetings with appraisal panel and external adviser, and pre-meeting review with the headteacher and external adviser
  4. Headteacher appraisal meeting
  5. follow up report and feedback

The governing boards of maintained schools have a statutory duty to appoint an external adviser for the headteacher performance appraisal. Academies and free schools can also adopt the statutory process. Worcestershire schools can use our experienced and objective School Improvement advisers to provide advice and support to the governing board and ensure a robust headteacher appraisal process. We aim to advise the appraisal panel on the statutory process, help interpret data and other performance information and develop objectives. We will follow up with review statement and agreed objectives, reducing the school’s administration.

We now offer headteacher appraisal at a new competitive price of £315 (was £474)

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