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Review of Medical Education

Published: Monday, 24th August 2020

Share your thoughts and ideas on the Medical Education Service

Worcestershire County Council has committed to a review and redesign of the Medical Education Service (the details of which are set out in the Cabinet report of 30 January 2020 (Cabinet – Thursday 30 January 2020 10.00am) and 25 June 2020 (Cabinet – Thursday 25 June 2020 10,00am). This will include important things like:

  1. how the Medical Education Service is delivered and what it consists of
  2. where the service is delivered from and who it’s delivered to and for
  3. the wider system of education, health and support for children and young people with health needs and difficulties - this includes physical health and mental health

To help identify opportunities, possibilities and areas where change and improvement is needed, the following stakeholders are invited to help shape the recommendations which will be presented to Worcestershire County Council Cabinet in December 2020. This will be through a series of focus groups, task and finish groups and a collective event for stakeholders taking place during September and October.

  • children, young people and parents who currently access the service or have done previously
  • the staff and management of the Medical Education Service
  • the staff and management of Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Alternative Education Providers and Special Schools
  • the staff and management in the NHS – including both commissioning and providers (particularly relevant to mental health)
  • the staff and management in Worcestershire Children First Early Help services and Social Care

Participation, queries and contact

If you would like to participate in the review, there are surveys which you can take part in before 18 September 2020.

Take the survey:

Survey for: School staff and leaders (opens in a new window)

Survey for: NHS practitioners and professionals (opens in a new window)

Survey for: Parents (opens in a new window)

Survey for: WCF Social Care and Early Help practitioners (opens in a new window)

You can also share your thoughts and ideas by getting in contact with Austin Rodriguez, Commissioning Manager, via email: or call 01905 844725 or email Donna Parker if you would like to take part in some school focused conversations during September or join the review’s steering group.

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