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Recovery planning

Published: Monday, 6th July 2020

Recovery support pack to help schools with developing a recovery plan.

In such unprecedented times schools might feel their usual school development planning format may not be appropriate or realistic. A school might choose to adopt a recovery plan for part of the school year before returning to their usual SDP format.

The School Improvement team have created a recovering the curriculum support pack in order to help schools with developing a recovery plan. The support pack is suitable for all age ranges. The support pack looks at 5 key principles, which the School Improvement team believe underpin the road to recovery for schools. The 5 principles are:

  • creating a safe environment for all
  • mental health and wellbeing
  • re-engaging learners, parents and staff with learning
  • identifying gaps and setting goals
  • prioritising the curriculum

Within the packs ;materials each of the principles is explored. There are prompts and considerations which you may want to explore as an SLT; alongside some suggestions for next steps and useful web links. The pack also includes a simple action plan format which schools may choose to use. Headteachers may wish to work through it with their SLT and subject leaders, exploring each principle and RAG rating where they are as a school or simply highlighting those considerations and prompts which need action and can then be transferred to the plan in the appendix.

Maintained schools will have received this document via their school improvement adviser (SIA), alongside an offer of a telephone session to talk through the document and explore next steps. The support pack is also available to academies, free of charge. If any academy would like to access the SIA support alongside the pack, to discuss priorities or QA an action plan, then they can contact Jane Howard to discuss arrangements email

Download recovering the curriculum support pack (opens in a new window)

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