Vision Impairment Traded Services

What do the vision impairment team offer?

  • identification and assessment of vision impairment in consultation with families, carers, professionals and other agencies
  • deliver formal and informal training
  • work with parents and carers by:
    • explaining the diagnosis
    • giving early intervention and supporting in the home to help parents develop skills in management of their vision impaired child
    • offering support and advice by giving information about other agencies. support groups, specialist toys and equipment
    • advising on school entry and phase transfer
  • work with schools and settings by:
    • directly supporting pupils with a vision impairment and parents at home, playgroup or nursery
    • assessment of functional vision and the impact on learning in order to give advice to the class teacher
    • giving advice regarding equipment and materials appropriate for the child’s needs
    • provide on-going assessment of the child's needs by systematic observation
    • working with other professionals supporting  child with a vision impairment
    • offering INSET and advice to schools providing a smooth transition from home to school placement and between schools
    • on-going assessment of vision, auditory and tactile functioning 
    • advice on the development of inclusive teaching strategies
    • giving advice on specialist equipment, resources, modified materials and classroom management
    • specialist teaching of Braille, Moon, touch typing and the use of access technology
    • advice on specific environmental adaptations to promote inclusion
    • mobility training
    • contributing to Statutory Assessment, Reviews, IEPs and programmes of work
    • advising on special arrangements for examinations where appropriate
    • working with Teaching Assistants to ensure appropriate support is offered
    • working with pupils to develop strategies for independent learning

Contact the team

To discuss your requirements for vision impairment support please contact:

Telephone: 01905 843975

Resource: Meet the Sensory Impairment team

Braille Competency in Education Test

Staff supporting children and young people with visual impairments in schools and settings can take a new low-cost, education-focussed braille competency test, designed specifically to meet the needs of educational Braille use.

What is involved?

The competency test includes practical educational Braille tasks relevant to classroom practice including Maths Braille

Why undertake the Braille Competency Test?

  • raise outcomes for Braillists in schools and settings
  • demonstrate your Braille competency for educational use
  • this is the only available test aimed at support staff in school and settings and is assessed by qualified specialist practitioners

On passing the Braille competency test you will receive a certificate issued by the Babcock Sensory Impairment Team – a trusted and respected service with a proven track record of Braille support and knowledge.

Who can I contact for more information?

Telephone: 01905 843975

Vision impairment support

The vision impairment team offers support from teachers with specialist qualifications in visual impairment skilled Teaching Assistants, Educational Audiologists and a qualified Paediatric Mobility Specialist.

A bespoke time-based support service is provided to schools and settings to offer practical support and targeted strategies, using National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) criteria, to deliver services in order to close the gap between deaf children and their peers and remove barriers to learning for children and young people (0-25 years) with diagnosed vision impairments.

A bespoke consultancy service for schools and settings which may include:

Specialised Assessment and Reporting

  • assessment and support of learners with low level or suspected vision difficulties to close the gap between their attainment and that of their peers
  • SEN Audit Detailed accessibility audits of the school environment, ensuring best practice and preparedness for teaching vulnerable groups
  • functional vision screening of children with suspected vision difficulties
  • examinations access arrangements screening and evidence reports
  • emotional health and wellbeing support

Strategic Advice

  • ICT advice for inclusion
  • input into writing of fire evacuation plans
  • risk assessment advice for trips and off site activities


  • best practice transition advice for vulnerable groups

Curriculum Advice

  • delivery of peer awareness across whole schools
  • delivery of curriculum units such as “senses”, SEAL and citizenship with resources and support for teaching staff


  • braille course
  • preparing individual pupil's learning/effective use of assistive technology learn appropriate ways to modify learning materials
  • vision impairment awareness

Our support is not limited to the solutions listed.

Service packages

Schools are able to purchase bespoke time-based consultancy to support hearing impairment, vision impairment and multi-sensory impairment requirements as part of a Sensory Impairment SLA.

Contact the Vision Impairment Team to discuss your requirements

Telephone: 01905 843975