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Gypsy Roma Traveller

Originally part of West Midlands Consortium Service for Traveller Children (WMCSTC), the Gypsy Roma Traveller Education Team provides education support and family advocacy to the community of Gypsy Roma Travellers, Showman families, Circus families and New Age Travellers who reside in Worcestershire.

The service provision is in place for maintained schools, utilising budget from the de-delegated schools forum. Non-maintained schools are able to purchase a subscription SLA or purchase bespoke time based consultancy.
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Our Aim

  • to ensure that every Traveller child has equal access to their full legal entitlement to education and other support services
  • to ensure that all providers and schools have access to knowledge and understanding of Traveller Communities and their culture
  • to support the development of a culture of acceptance in which all children can be valued equally, treated with respect and provided with equal opportunities within education
  • we develop inclusive values, shared by all staff, pupils, governors, parents/carers and communities, that are conveyed to all new members of the school - these principles underpin the development of policies and practice through a continuous process of school improvement and access to community services
  • to encourage participation in a learning community where all are welcome, their needs are met and personal strengths are recognised. Inclusive practices are those which effectively implement the inclusive culture and policies of the school and community, so that full participation is encouraged from all pupils in classroom and extra-curricular activities, drawing upon their knowledge and experience outside the school

The Gypsy Roma Traveller Education service offers

  • a system for monitoring records ensuring that individual children make progress and that the schools receive advisory support
  • an advisory education service through Early Intervention Targeted Youth Workers under of the direction of the Teacher Advisor to assist schools in meeting the need of Travelling children
  • a resource Centre containing appropriate and tested materials for use with Travelling children
  • a library and archive for use by teachers, students and colleagues in other agencies
  • an in-service training programme for school staff, welfare staff, students and others involved with Travelling families to promote awareness of Traveller culture and lifestyles, positive attitudes towards the children and an understanding of their educational

Contact the team

Telephone: 01905 846045


“We value the home liaison and resources provided”

“Attendance issues have been greatly reduced as a direct result of the team. We have also been able to improve relationships with our hard to reach families”

“Their knowledge, access and networking as well as bridging and linking are vital.  We would lose an important link to youths and families and risk not being able to reach youths who are, or who may be on the cusp of becoming, disenfranchised with appropriate interaction”