Case studies

Exclusion learning support intervention

Poor reading and writing skills and increasingly disruptive behaviour had put a key stage two pupil at risk of permanent exclusion.

The school put in a request to the Learning Support Team for help.


A key stage two  pupil with disordered speech, weak reading and writing skills, ongoing behavioural issues and limited attention and concentration skills was at risk of permanent exclusion due to increasingly disruptive behaviour.

Parent contacted school because of concern regarding his poor reading and writing skills and increasingly disruptive behaviour both at home and school.


School requested a full learning assessment to identify areas of strength together with areas for development to help improve both literacy and behaviour.

As a result of the assessment, a programme of teaching was provided to be implemented initially by a specialist teacher for one hourly session per week.

A Teaching Assistant would observe the session then continue to deliver the programme for the remainder of the week.

A structured, multi-sensory, sequential and cumulative teaching programme was implemented for twelve weeks in the first instance with pre and post assessments recorded. This was followed by a further 6 week programme focusing on reading and spelling.

Other agencies involved: Speech and Language Therapy, Community Paediatrician (ADHD being investigated).

Speech and Language had investigated the possibility of a Specific Language Impairment and main focus of intervention had been aimed at improving spoken language skills.

Ongoing liaison with Speech and Language Therapy continued with regard to his disordered speech.


Significant progress was made in both reading and spelling. This has enabled him to begin to access the curriculum more fully and to participate within the classroom. He is now prepared to read with a reading buddy.

Both school and parents have noted improvement in literacy skills and also in confidence, behaviour and motivation to learn.

The final outcome was that the pupil was allocated a KS3 Language Unit placement to enable continued improvement with both literacy and language skills.