Case studies

Autism awareness intervention helped pupil back to school

What was the challenge?

The Autism and CCN team were asked to deliver an autism awareness intervention to a Year 8 pupil who had not been attending school for a few months due to high levels of anxiety. The pupil had been becoming increasingly unable to attend school and was only attending school for short periods of time, prior to lockdown.

Support provided

The Specialist Practitioner worked with the pupil remotely using word-based activities, via email, to help him engage.

Improved outcome

“[the pupil], is now attending school each day, after not being in school from March 2020 onwards. The support [the pupil] has received from CCN has been instrumental in enabling him to return. The activities [the pupil] completed with [the Specialist Practitioner] prior to him returning, informed his (Learning Support Assistant) LSA and school, so that we could build upon that in his 1:1 session. 

Thank you for the excellent support.” SENCo feedback Dec 2020