Case studies

Pupil not responsive in the classroom

What was the challenge?

Due to significant social communication differences and environmental difficulties due to sensory needs, a Year 3 pupil was not responding to adult requests or participating in social games with peers.  

Support provided

The Autism team made visits to school to observe the pupil in their environment and make recommendations for strategies and approaches. They also attended meetings and provided training and support for members of staff, in how to implement the recommendations.

Improved outcome

With consistent implementation of strategies and approaches, the pupil’s responsiveness in class significantly improved. 

At the Annual Review, the SENCo and the TA stated that:

  • progress has been seen in the pupil’s ability to respond to adult requests within the classroom, such as, ‘put things away before you go to lunch’ and ‘show the class teacher’, this has become his usual practice.
  • progress has been seen in the pupil’s ability to participate in social games, at break, (with support).